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by admin on Jan.17, 2012, under Available Now!, Reviews

Review from Clayton Bye on the Deepening World of Books (12/29/11):

Perdition’s Gateway is a balanced blend of science and spirituality with a horror aspect that toys with your mind and emotions every step of the way. The author has blended the three genres together so perfectly, it is hard to believe this is his first attempt at fiction. The religious aspects of the book are never forced or “in your face,” while the technical descriptions and science behind the story are told in a way that make you feel a little bit smarter for having read the book. Drake’s storyline is fresh and completely original. His writing style is fluid and the editing BRILLIANT. I would recommend this book


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Perdition’s Gateway – Sampler

by admin on Jun.09, 2011, under Available Now!

Cedar Fort, the publisher of Perdition’s Gateway has graciously provided this .pdf sample of the first few pages of the book:

Perdition’s Gateway Sampler


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Q&A with Dr. Terrance Drake – The Religion behind Perdition’s Gateway

by admin on May.16, 2011, under The Religion Behind the Book

Your book presents the notion that there are disembodied spirits of evil that desperately desire a physical body of their own.  Is this concept purely fictional or do you believe in such entities as you have described in your book?

I have no doubt that there exist life forces that are disembodied who want nothing more that to possess a physical body as the sole life force.   My support for this belief is the King James Version of the Bible.   Christ healed many illnesses while he was among the children of men.  One of his most consistent acts of healing was to cast out evil spirits that afflicted and tormented man.

Do we see evidence of this today?

It has become unfashionable to consider the existence of such evil entities in our modern society.  When a man or woman commits horrible and unimaginable atrocities against another, we label them as psychotic, completely insane and not responsible for what they have done.  We are more comfortable with the notion that such evil behavior is the result of some biochemical derangement in the psyche or some repressed abuse from childhood.   The idea that their behavior is now controlled to a great degree by the presence of an evil spirit that co-posses their body is never considered.

If one believes in the Bible and the historical account as recorded therein, one cannot deny that there existed in those days many who had surrendered control of their actions to the influence of an evil entity that possessed their being.   These entities desired the physicality of the body they possessed; they recognized Christ and were subject to his commands.  I submit that our condition today is no different that it was 2000 years ago as it relates to the presence of this evil.  I believe that the notion proposed in my book of an evil realm of spirits that want to enter mortality and enjoy the physical pleasures of a body is not only rational, but very probable.

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